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Toledo Museum Celebrates Glass Anniversary - What's old is new again: Original glass furnace reconstructed - Toledo - Ohio - USA
Fifty years to the day after the first glass furnace fired up at the Toledo Museum of Art, three artists-in-residence recreated it—brick by brick—to reflect the spirit of early pioneers of the American Studio glass Movement. “Today, we take the glass furnace and studio for granted,” said Jeff Mack, TMA’s glass studio manager. “You can walk into a studio with only a bag of your favorite tools and start making glass.
+ info: http://artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54486&b=glass

Rehabilitation Of The Antigua Alcoholera Extremeña / GAP Arquitectos 2009 - Badajoz - Spain
The project of the Museum of the Wine in Almendralejo (Badajoz) poses and assumes the duality that exists in the process of elaboration of the wine. Science and art, system and chance, technical and inspiration are the opposites that build, in a mysterious, magic, almost miraculous way, a fine wine.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/221645/rehabilitation-of-the-antigua-alcoholera-extremena-gap-arquitectos/

Séminaire de recherche - « L'industrie, patrimoine et culture » (France, 2012)
Région Île-de-France / Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
2e semestre, le vendredi, 14h30-16h30
Pour la deuxième année consécutive, la Région Île-de-France et l'Université Paris Panthéon-
Sorbonne (Centre de recherche en histoire des sciences et en histoire des techniques) organisent un séminaire de recherche consacré au patrimoine industriel (convention de 3 ans signée en 2010). Il s’agit de confronter les principes, les méthodes, les compétences et les expériences autour des questions contemporaines posées par l’étude et la mise en valeur du patrimoine industriel, et plus largement, par la valorisation de l’industrie dans le champ culturel.
+ info: http://www.iledefrance.fr/patrimoines-et-inventaire/actualites/evenement/lindustrie-patrimoine-et-culture-2012-copie-1/

Two Flown-in-Space IMAX Cameras Donated - Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Washington D.C. - USA
Two IMAX cameras that flew aboard the space shuttle became part of the Smithsonian collection today. From 1984 to 1998, two-dimensional IMAX cameras accompanied astronauts on 17 space shuttle missions. These 70-mm large-format cameras, operated by astronauts, captured visually stunning views of Earth from space and offered an up-close look at what it is like to live and work in a weightless environment.
+ info: http://www.nasm.si.edu/events/pressroom/releaseDetail.cfm?releaseID=287

Radio-Canada a lancé jeudi matin sa nouvelle chaîne spécialisée sur l'environnement, la santé, la faune et les plus récentes nouvelles scientifiques, Explora (Canada)
Plongez dans les mondes fascinants de la santé, l’environnement, la nature et la science. Avec ses images spectaculaires en haute définition, ses séries captivantes et ses documentaires étonnants, Explora prouve que l’on n’est jamais trop curieux.
+ info: http://www.exploratv.ca/


Exhibition - Area 51: Myth or Reality - National Atomic Testing Museum
01 March 2012 - 01 September 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada. United States of America
Organizers: National Atomic Testing Museum
Contact: info@nationalatomictestingmuseum.org
+ info: http://www.nationalatomictestingmuseum.org/exhibit-comingsoon.aspx

Seminario - Consejo de Monumentos Nacionales en la Región del Bio-Bio (Chile)
08 May 2012 Concepción. Chile
Organizers: Alexis Muñoz, coordinador regional del Consejo de Monumentos Nacionales de Chile
Contact: javieramirez@udec.cl
+ info: http://artesplasticas.udec.cl/

16 June - 17 June 2012 Prato. Italy
Organizers: L’associazione culturale “Archeologia Sperimentale”
Contact: info@archeologiasperimentale.it
+ info: http://www.archeologiasperimentale.it/

Exhibition - Now Boarding - Fentress Airports and The Architecture of Flight - Denver Art Museum
15 July - 07 October 2012 Denver, Colorado. United States of America
Organizers: Denver Art Museum
+ info: http://www.denverartmuseum.org/exhibitions/now-boarding

14th INCUNA International Conference on Industrial Heritage
26 September - 29 September 2012 Gijon, Asturias. Spain
Organizers: INCUNA, "Association Industrial Archeology, Patrimony Cultural and Natural. Máximo Fuertes Acevedo
Contact: incuna@telecable.es
DEADLINE: 1 jul 2012
+ info: http://www.incuna.org/

66th Annual Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians
10 April - 14 April 2013 Buffalo, New York State. United States of America
Organizers: The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH)
Contact: info@sah.org
DEADLINE: 1 jun 2012
+ info: http://www.sah.org

Imperial Outpost in the Gulf: The Airfield at Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) 1932-1952
by Nicholas Stanley-Price
ISBN: 978-1846246845
Publisher: Book Guild Limited (29 April 2012)

In 1932 the Sharjah airfield was created out of nothing in the open desert, an overnight stop on Imperial Airways' route carrying mail and passengers to India and eventually to Australia. The British government drew upon the RAF's experience in the Middle East to build a fortified rest house there, for fear of possible attacks from the Beduin. Air travel then was a luxury beyond most people's means. But passengers in transit praised the comfort of the Rest House in the desert. Imperial Airways switched during the 1930s to using flying-boats that landed on the creek at Dubai, a move that favoured Dubai's emergence as a commercial hub. Then, during WWII, the airfield became a transit point for troops going to India and the Far East. For RAF and American air force personnel, a posting to Sharjah made the heart sink as it was notorious for its extreme heat, isolation and poor rations.
The history of Sharjah airfield is central to the story of the modern Emirates. In this meticulous account, Nicholas Stanley-Price brings the past vividly to life, using an impressive array of unpublished contemporary photographs and records, and fascinating stills from documentary footage shot at Sharjah in the 1930s.
+ info: http://www.iccrom.org/eng/news_en/2012_en/field_en/03_14publicationStanley-Price.pdf

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