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La Catalogne veut rationaliser l'organisation de ses musées - Espagne
Le ministre de la Culture de la Generalitat de Catalogne, Ferran Mascarell, a présenté son plan pour les musées de Catalogne. Visant à consolider le secteur culturel de la région, le projet s’établirait autour des quatre grandes institutions catalanes. PAR CHLOÉ DA FONSECA
Le 7 mars 2012, Ferran Mascarell a présenté son plan pour les musées de Catalogne qui s’organiserait en quatre grandes « constellations ». À la tête de chaque pôle, les quatre institutions majeures de la région espagnole : le Musée national d’art de Catalogne (MNAC), le Musée d’art contemporain de Barcelone (MACBA), le Musée national des Sciences naturelles et le Musée d’histoire de la Catalogne.
+ info: http://www.lejournaldesarts.fr/site/archives/docs_article/98595/la-catalogne-veut-rationaliser-l-organisation-de-ses-musees.php

75 % des habitants d'Helsinki opposés au projet de Musée Guggenheim - Finlande
Trois habitants sur quatre de la capitale finlandaise sont contre la construction du Musée Guggenheim, dont le projet est en cours depuis un an. En cause : la dégradation de la situation économique d’Helsinki.
Selon un sondage paru le 8 mars 2012 dans le journal local Helsingin Sanomat, le soutien de la population à la création d’un musée estampillé « Guggenheim » a chuté par rapport aux études réalisées il y a un an. En 2011, le maire d’Helsinki, à l’origine de l’initiative, avait reçu le soutien de 47 % des habitants de la capitale. Aujourd’hui, seuls 19 % continuent d’être partisans du projet. En revanche, le nombre d’opposants a doublé, passant à 75 % (6 % ne se prononcent pas).
+ info: http://www.lejournaldesarts.fr/site/archives/docs_article/98593/75--des-habitants-d-helsinki-opposes-au-projet-de-musee-guggenheim.php

Conférence "Bonnes à tout faire" Allemandes du XIXe siècle et Espagnoles des Trente Glorieuses en France - Musée national de l'histoire et des cultures de l'immigration. Paris, France (22 mars 2012)
Conférence de Mareike Koenig, chargée de recherche XIXe siècle, Institut historique allemand et Bruno Tur, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, animée par Marianne Amar, responsable du département Recherche, Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration
L’UniverCité continue de explorer la question des femmes en migration, à travers la catégorie des domestiques étrangères. Si la figure de la "bonne à tout faire" traverse toute l’histoire de l’immigration, si ces femmes partagent, quelles que soient leurs origines, des traits communs, le portrait se nuance selon les époques.
+ info: http://www.histoire-immigration.fr/2011/8/bonnes-a-tout-faire

Titanic Belfast: Launching in March 2012 - Belfast, United Kingdom
In the heart of the former shipyard, you will see a stunning piece of architecture come to life.
Titanic Belfast is Belfast's new £97 million visitor attraction and will be a 'must see' visit in any tour of Belfast and Northern Ireland.
The building will open on Saturday 31 March 2012, to, mark the centenary of Titanic's maiden voyage and placing Belfast firmly at the heart of global celebrations. You can now book tickets online from the Titanic Belfast website.
We are contributing £10m towards this unique venue, which is situated on the site of the former shipyards at Queen's Island. Our investment in this project shows our commitment to enhancing Belfast's tourism offering. The new building will also provide a high profile cultural and educational facility for the people of Northern Ireland as well as acting as a catalyst for other redevelopment.
+ info: http://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/titanicquarter/titanicbelfast.asp

Chance Blog Post Ends in Gratz Family Reunion - Rosenbach Museum and Library - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
A 30-year art history mystery is solved as Philadelphia’s Rosenbach Museum & Library locates and acquires a fifth Thomas Sully portrait.
Concluding a 30-year mystery, the Rosenbach Museum & Library has located and acquired a portrait of an early member of the Gratz Family, prominent Jewish early Americans who made their home in Philadelphia.
+ info: http://www.rosenbach.org/learn/news/chance-blog-post-ends-gratz-family-reunion

Museum Nasional Indonesia / Aboday - Jakarta - Indonesia
The first prize winning proposal for the Museum Nasional Indonesia by Aboday aims to bring back this massive institution to its original role as a public facility. Their design addresses the question of urban context by inserting a new corridor between the existing museum building and building that will maintain an openness to the pedestrian and city park on the Eastern part of the complex.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/217651/museum-nasional-indonesia-aboday/

Yungang Grottoes Museum in Datong / Do Union Architecture - 2011 - China
Yungang Grottoes Museum in Datong(approved construction by State Administration of Cultural Heritage and Shanxi provincial government in 2010). Established on the west edge of Yungang Grottoes in Datong, within the scenic spot of Conservation Zone, is one of subprojects at the whole renovation area of Yugang Grottoes. Situated in southwest of the scenic spot, enclosed by Northern Wei Grottoed in north .The project covers a total construction area of 9939.46 square meters, containing an exhibition hall and a multi-functional performing arts center(recovered at the site of the ancient city).
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/217309/yungang-grottoes-museum-in-datong-do-union-architecture/

Latest Acquisitions of the Palace of Versailles - France
Find out some recent acquisitions of Versailles.
+ info: http://en.chateauversailles.fr/news-/events/life-of-the-estate/the-acquisitions-of-the-paelace

Imperial War Museums submits plans to transform its flagship branch, IWM London - United Kingdom
Imperial War Museums has submitted a listed building and planning application to the London Borough of Southwark to transform its flagship branch, IWM London. The planning application focuses on Phase One of a longer term Masterplan for the building, developed with architects Foster + Partners.
+ info: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54322

Arte portatile da toccare: ecco l’app dedicata a Vermeer
“E’ severamente vietato NON toccare le opere esposte”… In barba ai più comuni regolamenti museali, potrebbe essere questo lo slogan di “Vermeer – La mostra impossibile”, un’app per dispositivi iOS (in particolare iPad) destinata ad aprire una nuova era della fruizione culturale. Da diversi anni, l’universo della Rete Internet si è arricchito di musei e mostre virtuali di estremo interesse e spesso definite, appunto, “impossibili”, in quanto capaci di riunire in un unico ambiente opere che altrimenti sarebbe impossibile visionare in un solo colpo d’occhio, o perché sono sparse in diversi continenti o perché, nella peggiore delle ipotesi, sono andate perdute o sono state rovinate dall’incuria del tempo (e dell’uomo)…
+ info: http://www.tafter.it/2012/03/19/arte-portatile-da-toccare-ecco-lapp-dedicata-a-vermeer/

Japanese-funded UNESCO project improves inventories and documentation in Sub-Saharan African Museums
UNESCO partnered with the African Heritage School (EPA) in Benin to train 33 professionals from 30 museums from 17 countries in how to improve inventories and documentation in Sub-Saharan African museums during a two-year capacity-building programme funded by the Japan Funds-in-Trust to UNESCO.
+ info: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/media-services/single-view/news/japanese

Last privately held object from Captain Cook's collection donated to UBC (University of British Columbia) Museum of Anthropology - Vancouver - British Columbia (Canada)
An object of global historical and cultural significance, received by explorer Captain James Cook from a Canadian First Nation during his final voyage (1776-1779), is being donated to the University of British Columbia’s Museum of Anthropology by a leading arts philanthropist. Recently purchased through a private dealer in New York, and valued at $1.2 million, the rare ceremonial club was the last remaining object from Captain Cook’s personal collection not housed in a public museum. Thanks to the Audain Foundation for the Visual Arts, the club returns to British Columbia, where the famous explorer received it from the Nuu-chah-nulth people of Vancouver Island’s west coast in 1778, or 234 years ago.
+ info: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54298

Xinjin Zhi Museum / Kengo Kuma & Associates - 2011 - Cheng Du (China)
This pavilion is located at the foot of Laojunshan mountain in Xinjin, to usher in the people to the holy place of Taoism, while the building itself shows the essence of Taoism through its space and exhibitions.
The tile used for façade is made of local material and worked on in a traditional method of this region, to pay tribute to Taoism that emphasizes on nature and balance. Tile is hung and floated in the air by wire to be released from its weight (and gain lightness). Clad in breathing façade of particles, the architecture is merged into its surrounding nature.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/220685/xinjin-zhi-museum-kengo-kuma-associates

Rapport d'activités 2011-2012 - Master Muséo - Expographie. Université d'Artois (France)
Le Master MME, Master Muséo-Expographie, de l'Université d'Artois, est une nouvelle proposition qui vient combler un manque en matière de formation dans le domaine des musées dans la région Nord Pas de Calais.
Région culturellement dynamique, le Nord Pas de Calais accueille plusieurs grands projets d'aménagement dans le domaine des musées.
+ info: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/53782871/JOURNAL1-MME.pdf

Maritime and Beachcombers Museum / Mecanoo - 2010-2011 - Texel - The Netherlands
The island of Texel is situated in the Waddenzee and is the largest of the Dutch Wadden Islands. Every year a million or so tourists visit the island, which is only accessible by plane, boat or ferry. Few however will be familiar with the glorious history of Texel and its links with the Dutch East India Company.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/221129/maritime-and-beachcombers-museum-mecanoo/

Reopening of the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum. Albi (France)
The Toulouse-Lautrec Museum is today an ambassador for the city of Albi and draws nearly 160,000 visitors annually, which places it among the top museums outside of Paris. Since 2001, it has undertaken an ambitious overhaul program which will put it among the great contemporary museums.
Begun in 2001, the renovation work includes redesigning the entrance to the museum now relocated to the Court of Honour. New areas have been created below the palace.
The exhibition hung at the beginning of 2008 offers a new reading of Toulouse-Lautrec’s work.
+ info: http://www.museetoulouselautrec.net/

Nuns from Kathmandu help restore 400-year-old Tibetan paintings - Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, Massachussetts (USA) 6 March - 21 October 2012
Conservators from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston called upon the services of nuns from Kathmandu, as well as Tibetan and Taiwanese specialists in silk brocades and Japanese fabricators of gilt-bronze decorative ornaments for an ambitious, two-year project to restore a series of 400-year-old thangkas or Tibetan paintings. The works, which depict the kings of the utopian realm of Shambhala, also known as Shangri-la, form part of the exhibition “Seeking Shambhala” on view at the museum until 21 October…
+ info: http://www.theartnewspaper.com/articles/nuns/26106

Museum Announces Expansion, Renovation - Chrysler Museum of Art. Norfolk, Virginia (USA)
The Board of Trustees of the Chrysler Museum of Art voted March 29 to proceed with plans to expand and renovate the Museum.
If the bidding process goes as expected, construction will begin in early July. The end result will be more gallery space, better amenities and freshly redesigned exhibits.
A key component of the renovation is the replacement of outdated heating and cooling systems—which are absolutely crucial in protecting and preserving our collection—with more modern, efficient systems. Such green initiatives will help the Museum reduce its energy bill, which currently tops $60,000 per month.
+ info: http://www.chrysler.org/about-the-museum/museum-expansion-renovation/

The Art of the Enlightenment: Finissage in Beijing, more than 450,000 visitors saw the show - National Museum of China - Beijing - China
With a joint ceremony on March 25th 2012, Cornelia Pieper, Minister of State in the Foreign Office, and Zhao Shaohua, Deputy Minister of Culture for the People's Republic of China, officially concluded the exhibition "The Art of the Enlightenment" at the National Museum of China. For the past year the exhibition has been on view in Beijing. So far, more than 450,000 visitors have attended.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54494

British Museum celebrates success of Hajj exhibition receiving over 80,000 visitors - British Museum - London - United Kingdom
Hajj: journey to the heart of Islam has reached the target visitor figure for the exhibition receiving over 80,000 visitors in just over seven weeks. The exhibition opened on 26 January and runs until 15 April. With only two weeks left the British Museum has extended the opening hours of the exhibition on Saturday and Sunday evenings to release more tickets and meet demand as time slots are frequently sold out.
+ info: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54501

David Chipperfield Architects selected to renovate the New National Gallery - Berlin - Germany
The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation recently announced that the offices of the British architect David Chipperfield have won the contract to plan the renovation of the New National Gallery at the Kulturforum. This famous building designed by Mies van der Rohe will undergo comprehensive restoration, from the façade to the building services. The building will be closed to the public during the construction work, which is planned to begin in early 2015 and will take just under three years to complete…
+ info: http://www.smb.museum/smb/news/details.php?lang=en&objID=38278

Heilbrunn Timeline of History - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Athletics in Ancient Greece - New York City. New York State (USA)
According to tradition, the most important athletic competitions were inaugurated in 776 B.C. at Olympia in the Peloponnesos. By the sixth century B.C., other Panhellenic (pan=all, hellenikos=Greek) games involving Greek-speaking city-states were being held at Delphi, Nemea, and Isthmia. Many local games, such as the Panathenaic games at Athens, were modeled on these four periodoi, or circuit games. The Pythian games at Delphi honored Apollo and included singing and drama contests; at Nemea, games were held in honor of Zeus; at Isthmia, they were celebrated for Poseidon; and at Olympia, they were dedicated to Zeus, although separate games in which young, unmarried women competed were celebrated for Hera. The victors at all these games brought honor to themselves, their families, and their hometowns. Public honors were bestowed on them, statues were dedicated to them, and victory poems were written to commemorate their feats. Numerous vases are decorated with scenes of competitions and the odes of Pindar celebrate a number of athletic victories.
+ info: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/athl/hd_athl.htm

Connecticut man knows something about stolen art from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - Boston - Massachusetts - USA
It remains the largest art heist in history, a brazen robbery in which two thieves disguised as police officers walked into Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, disabled two guards and stole masterworks worth more than half a billion dollars. The 1990 robbery and the recovery of the paintings have puzzled investigators for more than two decades. Now federal authorities appear to be pinning some hope of solving the mystery on a 75-year-old reputed mobster from Connecticut, Robert Gentile, who is jailed in a drug case.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54504

The government of Turkey has asked the J. Paul Getty Museum to return artifacts that it believes were looted
The government of Turkey has asked the J. Paul Getty Museum and several other American museums to return artifacts that it believes were looted. The Turkish government has contacted the Getty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Cleveland Museum of Art and Harvard University's Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection to present evidence that objects in their collections may have been illegally excavated from the country's archaeological sites, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54510

Attendance survey 2011: Brazil's exhibition boom puts Rio on top
When we be­gan our annual sur­vey of the best at­tended exhibitions in 1996, to make the top ten a show needed to attract around 3,000 visitors a day. In our survey of 2011 shows, to make the top ten required almost 7,000 visitors a day. Among them was “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty”, a posthumous tribute by the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. On average, more than 8,000 people a day went (in total around 660,000). The must-see show helped the Met to a record year in our survey, taking its annual total figure to more than six million, up from 5.2 million in 2010…
+ info: http://www.theartnewspaper.com/articles/Attendance-figures:-Brazil%25E2%2580%2599s-exhibition-boom-puts-Rio-on-top/26097

United Kingdom National Statistics - Experience of Museums in Northern Ireland Findings from the Continuous Household Survey 2008/09 DCAL Research Findings
There are two main types of tourism that impact the UK economy: international and domestic tourism.
International tourism looks at trends in overseas residents travelling to the UK, and UK residents travelling abroad. This is analysed by region/destination and visitor spend using the International Passenger Survey (IPS). Carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), data are used to compile travel accounts of the balance of payments, estimate the numbers and characteristics of migrants into and out of the UK, and to provide information on international tourism.
+ info: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/hub/people-places/people/tourism

Vacances de printemps : le musée numérique - Musée du Quai Branly. Paris (France)
Au printemps, un vent de nouveauté numérique souffle sur le musée du quai Branly !
Le temps des vacances, le musée se transforme en laboratoire d’expérimentations pour vous faire découvrir gratuitement des dispositifs innovants et recueillir vos impressions !
S’aventurer dans le musée autrement, expérimenter de nouvelles approches muséales, changer de points de vue et contribuer à l’émergence du musée de demain, tel est l’événement exclusif que le musée du quai Branly vous propose de vivre.
+ info: http://www.quaibranly.fr/fr/programmation/les-fetes-et-evenements/vacances-de-printemps-le-musee-numerique.html

Petit Lexique de la médiation 2.0 pour les novices - Musée du Quai Branly. Paris (France)
Web 2.0 : terme désignant l’ensemble des fonctionnalités du web permettant une information dynamique via la participation et les interactions de l’internaute (partage, échange, etc.). Ce dernier devient, grâce aux outils mis à sa disposition, une personne active sur la toile.
+ info: http://www.quaibranly.fr/fileadmin/user_upload/programmation/brochures/mqb_TRIM_PRINTEMPS_2012_WEB.pdf

Toledo Museum Celebrates Glass Anniversary - What's old is new again: Original glass furnace reconstructed - Toledo - Ohio - USA
Fifty years to the day after the first glass furnace fired up at the Toledo Museum of Art, three artists-in-residence recreated it—brick by brick—to reflect the spirit of early pioneers of the American Studio glass Movement. “Today, we take the glass furnace and studio for granted,” said Jeff Mack, TMA’s glass studio manager. “You can walk into a studio with only a bag of your favorite tools and start making glass.
+ info: http://artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54486&b=glass

Over 150,000 Tickets Booked For Van Gogh Up Close at the Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States of America)
Midway through its run, the exhibition is drawing visitors to Philadelphia from the U.S. and around the world.
Seven weeks into its nearly 14-week run, the major exhibition Van Gogh Up Close has booked over 150,000 tickets and is welcoming visitors from 44 countries and 48 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia. Philadelphia is the only U.S. venue for the exhibition.
+ info: http://www.philamuseum.org/press/releases/2012/910.html

The Walters Art Museum Receives $265,000 NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) Grant to Digitize Over 100 Flemish Manuscripts - Baltimore -Maryland - USA
The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has granted the Walters Art Museum $265,000 for a three-year project to digitize, catalog and distribute 113 illuminated medieval manuscripts from Flanders, present-day northeastern France and Belgium. This project, Imaging the Hours: Creating a Digital Resource of Flemish Manuscripts, will digitize 45,000 pages of text with over 3,000 pages of illumination from the 13th through 16th centuries.
+ info: http://thewalters.org/news/releases/pressdetail.aspx?e_id=365

Update: Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture- Washington D.C. - USA
We have been covering the progress of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture over the last several months, our most recent being President Obama’s speech at the ceremony for the official ground breaking. Adjaye Associates recently shared with us some insight into the inspiration for the design and its grounding principles.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/220462/update-smithsonian-national-museum-of-african-american-history-and-culture/

National Portrait Gallery clocks up 2,000,000 visitors...Its highest ever annual figure - London - United Kingdom
The National Portrait Gallery today welcomed its two millionth visitors – a milestone which sets up the highest annual figures in the Gallery’s history when they are published at the end of the month. The group of visitors through the door when the figure of two million was reached was given a surprise welcome by the Gallery’s director Mr Sandy Nairne.
+ info: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54435

Israel Museum Joins Google Art Project, Launching Virtual Galleries with More Than 500 Collection Highlights - Israel
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, has today joined the Google Art Project, making its galleries and hundreds of highlights from its permanent collection accessible online to audiences around the world. The partnership is part of a major global expansion of the project which now counts 151 partners in 40 countries, an increase from 17 museums in nine countries when the project first launched in February 2011. More than 30,000 high resolution objects held in museums around the world are now available for viewing, up from the original 1,000 when the project was first launched.
The Google Art Project features 520 of the most important objects in the Israel Museum’s expansive collections, with high resolution images that allow viewers to examine works in exceptional detail, together with background information on objects and artists. Visitors may also explore the Museum’s campus and permanent galleries virtually, using Google’s Street View technology.
+ info: http://www.english.imjnet.org.il/htmls/page_2746.aspx?c0=16096&bsp=14393

All-time record visitor figures at Wales's national museums- The seven national museums in Wales received 1.69 million visits in 2011-12, the highest total ever recorded - Wales - United Kingdom
The Welsh Government and Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales introduced the policy eight months earlier than in England – a pioneering move that nearly doubled visitor figures to national museums in Wales. This political commitment to promoting access for all to Wales’ culture and history remains as strong today, with the policy enshrined in the Welsh Government’s plan of action for 2011-16, Programme for Government.
+ info: http://www.museumwales.ac.uk/en/news/?article_id=743

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago receives $10 million gift to name the theater Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson - Chicago - Illinois - USA
Madeleine Grynsztejn, Pritzker Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, today announced the extraordinary gift of $10 million from Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson to name the MCA Theater. The theater will be named the Edlis Neeson Theater in their honor.
+ info: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54521

Titanic Belfast / Todd Architects- 2012 - Belfast - Northern Ireland - United Kingdom
Delivering the World’s Largest Titanic Visitor Experience Titanic Belfast will open its doors to the world on 31st March, 2012. The world’s largest ever Titanic-themed visitor attraction and Northern Ireland’s largest tourism project, Titanic Belfast is the result of a successful collaboration between the Concept Design Architects CivicArts/Eric R Kuhne & Associates and the Lead Consultant/Architect Todd Architects.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/223483/titanic-belfast-todd-architects/

General Lee's sword featured at new Appomattox museum that examines the post-Civil War struggle - Richmond - Virginia - USA
The sword Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee had at his side when he surrendered to Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant is returning to Appomattox as the centerpiece of a new museum examining the post-Civil War struggle to heal the nation.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54387


Tests by Polish museum reveal aging of Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece "Lady with an Ermine" - National Museum in Krakow - Poland
Bark beetles and old age have damaged Leonardo da Vinci's 15th-century painting "Lady with an Ermine," but the masterpiece is still holding up well, a conservationist at the Polish museum where it is displayed said Monday.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54423

FELLOWSHIPS - Community Heritage Grants - National Library of Australia (Australia) Deadline: 4 May 2012
The Community Heritage Grants (CHG) program provides grants of up to $15,000 to community organisations such as libraries, archives, museums, genealogical and historical societies, multicultural and Indigenous groups. The grants are provided to assist with the preservation of locally owned, but nationally significant collections of materials that are publicly accessible including artifacts, letters, diaries, maps, photographs, and audio visual material.
Since 1994 over $4 million has been awarded to community organisations throughout Australia.
The types of projects supported include Significance Assessments of collections; Preservation Needs Assessments of collections; conservation activities and collection management; and training workshops.
+ info: http://www.nla.gov.au/awards-and-grants/chg

Future tense, VII: What's a museum? - On the changing nature of our cultural institutions
What’s a museum? Lately, it seems, the answer is whatever we want. Today’s museums can be tourist attractions, department stores, civic centers, town squares, catalysts of urban renewal, food courts, licensing brands, showcases for contemporary architecture, social clubs, LEED-certified environmentally conscious facilities, and franchise opportunities. A “well-run museum is eerily like an upscale suburban shopping mall,” says an article in The New York Times. A cafe with “art on the side,”?advertises London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. “We are in the entertainment business, and competing against other forms of entertainment out there,” says a one-time spokesman for the Guggenheim museum. “Inclusive places that welcome diverse audiences” and “reflect our society’s pluralism in every aspect of their operations and programs,” suggests the American Association of Museums. “We live in a more global, multicultural society that cares about diversity and inclusivity,”?so “service to the community” is now among the museum’s à la carte options, says Kaywin Feldman, the latest head of the Association of Art Museum Directors. As reported in The Wall Street Journal, museums are even about “bringing art to those with Alzheimer’s or post-traumatic stress disorder, and farming crops for donation to local food banks,” initiatives that have been promoted through grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.
+ info: http://www.newcriterion.com/articles.cfm/Future-tense--VII--What-s-a-museum--7298

Armed robbery at Ancient Olympia Museum in Greece
Police are appealing for assistance to locate more than 70 items stolen during an armed robbery at the Museum of History of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia, Greece on Friday 17 February.
Two masked men threatened the female guard before tying her up and escaping with the antiquities.
Among the stolen artifacts, which date back to the Classical, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods, were a seal ring, several statues representing Olympic scenes, a lekythos or oil jar, as well as several oil lamps…
+ info: http://www.interpol.int/News-and-media/News-media-releases/2012/N20120227

Secret of Vermeer's blue uncovered: 'Woman in Blue Reading a Letter' fully restored by the Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam - The Netherlands
During the meticulous restoration of Woman in Blue Reading a Letter (1663-64), one of the Rijksmuseum’s four Vermeer masterpieces, a number of surprising details were uncovered. Vermeer’s characteristically intense use of blue, for example, can now be viewed in all of its magnificent nuances for the first time in centuries. In addition, several pearls that were added in 1928 were removed, and other details that had disappeared were restored.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54598

The Walters Art Museum Announces Gift from Robert Meyerhoff of 21 Floral Still Lifes - Baltimore - Maryland - USA
The Walters Art Museum announces today the planned gift by Robert E. Meyerhoff of 21 works of art depicting flowers assembled by his late wife, Jane B. Meyerhoff. This collection includes a selection of watercolors, pastels and drawings by artists such as Delacroix, Cézanne, Schiele, Mondrian, Matisse, Klee, Stella, Dalí and Magritte.
+ info: http://thewalters.org/news/releases/pressdetail.aspx?e_id=371

Judge rules that 3,200-year-old mummy mask can stay at the Saint Louis Art Museum - Saint Louis - Missouri - USA
A St. Louis museum can keep hold of a 3,200-year-old mummy's mask, a federal judge has ruled, saying the U.S. government failed to prove that the Egyptian relic was ever stolen. Prosecutors said the funeral mask of Lady Ka-Nefer-Nefer went missing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo about 40 years ago and that it should be returned to its country of origin.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54592

Two Flown-in-Space IMAX Cameras Donated - Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Washington D.C. - USA
Two IMAX cameras that flew aboard the space shuttle became part of the Smithsonian collection today. From 1984 to 1998, two-dimensional IMAX cameras accompanied astronauts on 17 space shuttle missions. These 70-mm large-format cameras, operated by astronauts, captured visually stunning views of Earth from space and offered an up-close look at what it is like to live and work in a weightless environment.
+ info: http://www.nasm.si.edu/events/pressroom/releaseDetail.cfm?releaseID=287

Un museo, una piazza. L'Aquila rinasce con la cultura - L'Aquila - Italy
A tre anni dal terremoto che ha colpito l’Aquila abbiamo deciso di fare due chiacchiere con una giovane curatrice aquilana, Martina Sconci, per cercare di capire quale è in questo momento lo stato della cultura in una città che è stata terribilmente colpita e lacerata nella sua totalità, ma che tuttavia cerca di reagire anche attraverso la ricostruzione di nuovi spazi di aggregazione come può essere un museo.
+ info: http://www.tafter.it/2012/04/06/un-museo-una-piazza-laquila-rinasce-con-la-cultura/

Beaty Biodiversity Center and Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory / Patkau Architects - 2002 - 2009 - University of British Columbia - Vancouver - British Columbia - Canada
The Beaty Biodiversity Center comprises a natural history museum, a large natural history collection, research laboratories and offices with related meeting and support spaces. This 11,500 square meter facility is organized around three sides of the courtyard space, with the Beaty Biodiversity Museum occupying the west side along Main Mall.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/100682/beaty-biodiversity-center-and-aquatic-ecosystems-research-laboratory-patkau-architects/

Common approaches to the regional travelling exhibit: Imagining the Balkans
The report presenting the results of the meeting “Imagining the Balkans - History, Memory and Dialogue in South East Europe” (March 2012, Ljubljana) is now released. The event gathered museum directors and experts from the region, senior representatives from European museums, professional organizations and academic networks of research to discuss concrete plans and ideas for the structuring and organization of a travelling exhibit, tentatively entitled “Imagining the Balkans”.
This regional exhibit is to be considered as a flagship regional project of the UNESCO “Culture: a bridge to development” initiative launched by the Director-General of UNESCO.
+ info: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/venice/about-this-office/single-view/news/common_approaches_to_the_regional_travelling_exhibit_imagining_the_balkans/

VIDEO - Cardiff University Conservation Tour - Cardiff (United Kingdom)
The course aims to provide research skills, transferable skills and specialist knowledge.
The course is modular and has a common study structure with the MSc in Care of Collections and MA in Archaeology - all students unertake a taught element followed by a dissertation.
The Course offers knowledge and expertise for a career in professional conservation practice, conservation science or research.
+ info: http://youtu.be/XbYQh-ASGR0

Google Art Project fait peau neuve - Musée d'Orsay. Paris (France)
Google a choisi Paris, symbole international de la culture, pour annoncer le lancement mondial de la deuxième version d’Art Project. L’événement s’est tenu au musée d’Orsay, qui vient de rejoindre les partenaires de Google Art Project, tout comme le musée de l’Orangerie, le musée du quai Branly, le Domaine de Fontainebleau et le Domaine de Chantilly. Le château de Versailles, présent dès le début du projet en 2011, a renouvelé sa collaboration aux côtés de Google.
+ info: http://www.musee-orsay.fr/fileadmin/mediatheque/integration_MO/PDF/CP/CP_Google_Art_Project_020412.pdf

Hadrian's Wall - The museum at Housesteads Roman Fort has been transformed - Hexham - United Kingdom
The museum at Housesteads Roman Fort has been transformed. Visit the new exhibition which explores life on the edge of the Roman Empire. See what it was really like to live on this hilltop fortress of Vercovicium, the Roman name for Housesteads which means 'place of the effective fighters'.
+ info: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/housesteads-roman-fort-hadrians-wall/museum/new-exhibition/

Philadelphia's Franklin Institute breaks ground on Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
The Franklin Institute today will officially break ground on an ambitious new state-of-the-art building addition, the first major expansion project for the museum in more than two decades. The 53,000 square foot Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion will host a uttingedge new core exhibit entitled Your Brain, an expanded education center with integrated learning technologies, a modern conference center, and a climate-controlled traveling exhibition gallery. The addition is named in grateful recognition of the leadership and generosity of Nicholas and Athena Karabots, whose $10 million transformative gift marks the largest individual contribution ever to the science museum.
+ info: http://www2.fi.edu/press/releases/GroundbreakingRelease.pdf

Building the Revolution: Soviet Art and Architecture 1915-1935 opens at Martin-Gropius-Bau - Berlin - Germany
The Exhibition “Architects of Revolution” sheds light on an area of the Soviet avant-garde that has remained relatively unknown in Europe and beyond: architecture. Even in Russia and the other successor states of the former Soviet Union the names of most of the architects have been largely forgotten. Their structures have not become part of the collective cultural memory to the extent that the “New Building” movement in the West has.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54591

Conference - Museums and the Web 2012 (MW2012)
11 April - 14 April 2012 San Diego, California. United States of America
Organizers: Museums and the Web LLC
Contact: info@museumsandtheweb.com
+ info: http://www.museumsandtheweb.com/mw2012

Conference: House Museums. The Owners and their art collections. Comparing experiences
18 April - 20 April 2012 Perugia. Italy
Organizers: The Uguccione Ranieri di Sorbello Foundation
Contact: segreteria@fondazioneranieri.org
+ info: http://demhist.icom.museum/shop/data/container/DEMHIST_Perugia2012_CallForPapers.pdf

Jean Cocteau Museum / Rudy Ricciotti - 2006 - Menton - France
Selected in 2008 as the winning design from an international field of entries in a competition launched by the town Menton in 2007, the architectural project of Rudy Ricciotti, the 2006 winner of France’s Gran Prix National d’Architecture, covers a total area of 2,700 sqm able to house all of the works donated by Severin Wunderman.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/225487/jean-cocteau-museum-rudy-ricciotti/


'Unlock the Stories': New exhibition opened at Carlisle Castle, bringing to life the stories of the castle's most famous inhabitants - Carlisle - United Kingdom
The new exhibition is now open at Carlisle Castle, bringing to life the stories of the castle's most famous inhabitants, from Mary Queen of Scots to Bonnie Prince Charlie.
+ info: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/carlisle-castle/exhibition/unlock-the-stories/


Princeton University Art Museum Debuts First Mobile App - Princeton - New Jersey - USA
The Princeton University Art Museum announces the debut of its first mobile web application, Princeton and the Gothic Revival, a multimedia exploration of Princeton’s Gothic Revival architecture—the campus’s defining visual language—through text, audio, and images. The mobile app is accessible from any iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device.
+ info: http://artmuseum.princeton.edu/news/GothicMobile/

The Future of the Past: Memory, History and Cultural Heritage in the 21st Century
27 April 2012 Oxford. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Organizers: Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
Contact: Dr Christina Kuhn (christina.kuhn@classics.ox.ac.uk ) or
Dr Annika Kuhn (annika.kuhn@lrz.uni-muenchen.de ).

+ info: http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/futureofthepast.htm

Lanyang Museum / Artech Architects - 2010 - Yilan County - Taiwan - China
Taking forms from the cuesta rock formation in and around the site, the museum spaces shift in and out of the “rock”. This museum is adjacent to the Wushih Port, a once prosperous harbor that is now a wetland. The museum is designed to reflect the unique history, the culture, and the landscape in Lanyang. In addition to reconstructing the harbor’s history, the museum also introduces Yilan’s rich wetland ecology as a part of an outdoor exhibition.
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/224953/lanyang-museum-artech-architects/

Survey - Museums in South Africa and Africa - Albany Museum - South Africa
In this survey, you will be asked to complete a survey that asks questions about your museum. It will take approximately ten minutes to complete the questionnaire.I am sure you will agree with me that this is a worthwhile exercise.
+ info: http://surveys.questionpro.com/a/TakeSurvey?id=2961884&rd=105526216

Georgia's Culture Ministry announces Josef Stalin museum being remodeled to focus on his atrocities - Georgia
A museum that has honored Josef Stalin in Georgia since 1937 is being remodeled to exhibit the atrocities that were committed during the Soviet dictator's rule. Stalin was born Josef Dzhugashvili in the central Georgian town of Gori in 1879, and the museum opened here in 1937, at the height of purges that were later dubbed the Great Terror. The gigantic museum includes the house where Stalin was born and some 47,000 exhibits, including his personal belongings and death masks.
+ info: http://artdaily.com/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54671

Documents discovered by museum curator reveal Catalina Island`s earliest history - California - USA
He was a colorful character whose research into many of North America’s earliest human settlements was both groundbreaking and highly controversial. Which made all the more remarkable the announcement this past week that a large cache of original papers and photographs had been discovered documenting the earliest excavations of Catalina Island by the amateur archaeologist Ralph Glidden. Details of the discovery were first reported in a front-page article published in the Los Angeles Times.
+ info: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=54672

Park & Agricultural Heritage Museum / Vamvakidis Simos, Tzortzis Antonis, Zapantiotis Fotis - 2012. Limassol (Cyprus)
Vamvakidis Simos, Tzortzis Antonis, and Zapantiotis Fotis shared with us their proposal for the Park & Agricultural Heritage Museum in the Eptagonia community of Limassol, Cyprus. The individual volumes of the museum follow the gentle slope of the existing terrain, creating an “organic” connection to the landscape while creating individual passes and plateaus that are interconnected, in a composition close to the human scale and built context of the village.
The lot #686 that hosts the existing cultural center of Eptagonia is today characterized by a sharp elevation of about five meters with the new lot, #677. The stone wall that surrounds it, retains only a portion of the slope at the base of the hill, and stresses the strict demarcation between the two properties. As a symbolic gesture, the perimeter wall was broken down into smaller fragments or “debris” which slide within the surrounding space. The fragments now become stone walls and yards – a reference to traditional stone walls – while holding the soil and organizing the whole park area…
+ info: http://www.archdaily.com/225857


Exhibition - Impressionism from Monet to Matisse - Columbia Museum of Art
25 January - 21 April 2012 Columbia, South Carolina. United States of America
Organizers: Columbia Museum of Art
Contact: lpierce@columbiamuseum.org
+ info: https://www.columbiamuseum.org/art/exhibitions.php?exID=111

Exhibition - Lizards and Snakes - Denver Museum of Nature & Science
03 February - 08 July 2012 Denver, Colorado. United States of America
Organizers: Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Contact: feedback@dmns.org
+ info: http://www.dmns.org/lizards-and-snakes

Exhibition - Area 51: Myth or Reality - National Atomic Testing Museum
01 March 2012 - 01 September 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada. United States of America
Organizers: National Atomic Testing Museum
Contact: info@nationalatomictestingmuseum.org
+ info: http://www.nationalatomictestingmuseum.org/exhibit-comingsoon.aspx

Exhibition - Metamorphosis of Japan after the War - Photography 1945 - 1964 - Photography Museum
09 March - 17 June 2012 Berlin. Germany
Organizers: National Museums in Berlin, kindly supported by the Japanese-German Center Berlin
Contact: service@smb.museum
+ info: http://www.smb.museum/smb/kalender/details.php?lang=en&objID=24903

Exhibition - Byzantium and Islam Age of Transition - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
14 March - 08 July 2012 New York City, New York State. United States of America
Organizers: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Contact: education@metmuseum.org
+ info: http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2012/byzantium-and-islam

Exhibition - Posada to Alÿs - Mexican Art from 1900 to the present - Kunsthaus Zürich
16 March - 20 May 2012 Zürich. Switzerland
Organizers: Kunsthaus Zürich, ArtEDU Foundation and the Honorary Consulate of Mexico
Contact: info@kunsthaus.ch
+ info: http://www.kunsthaus.ch/en/exhibitions/current/posada-to-alys/?redirect_url=title%3DContenu

Exhibition - About The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl - Miami Art Museum
18 March - 10 June 2012 Miami, Florida. United States of America
Organizers: The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University
Contact: tbelcher@miamiartmuseum.org
+ info: http://www.miamiartmuseum.org/exhibition_the-record_about.asp

Exhibition - Our Louisiana - Celebrating 200 years of Statehood - Louisiana Styate Museum
20 March 2012 - 01 March 2013 Baton Rouge, Louisiana. United States of America
Organizers: Louisiana Styate Museum
Contact: apierce@crt.la.gov
+ info: http://www.crt.state.la.us/museum/exhibits.aspx

Exhibition - Dutch Flowers - The Rijksmuseum at Schiphol Airport
21 March - 25 June 2012 Amsterdan. Netherlands
Organizers: The Rijksmuseum at Schiphol Airport
+ info: http://www.rijksmuseum.nl/tentoonstellingen/dutchflowers?lang=en

Exhibition -Animal Beauty - Grand Palais
21 March - 16 July 2012 Paris. France
Organizers: Grand Palais
+ info: http://www.rmn.fr/english/les-musees-et-leurs-expositions-238/grand-palais-galeries-nationales-257/expositions-258/animal-beauty

Exhibition - 39 Trails: Research in the Peruvian Amazon - Spencer Museum of Art & University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute
24 March - 22 July 2012 Lawrence, Kansas. United States of America
Organizers: Spencer Museum of Art & University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute
Contact: spencerart@ku.edu
+ info: http://www.spencerart.ku.edu/exhibitions/39-trails.shtml

Exhibition - The Academy at 200: The Nature of Discovery - The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
24 March 2012 - 01 March 2013 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. United States of America
Organizers: The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
Contact: events@ansp.org
+ info: http://www.ansp.org/explore/online-exhibits/stories/exhibiting-our-treasures/

Exhibition - Del Greco a Goya: Masterpieces from the Prado Museum - Museo de Arte de Ponce
25 March - 09 July 2012 Ponce, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. United States of America
Organizers: Museo de Arte de Ponce
Contact: info@museoarteponce.org
+ info: http://www.museoarteponce.org/exhibicion/el-greco-to-goya-masterpieces-from-the-prado-museum/3/41/22/

Exhibition - Renaissance Drawings from Germany and Switzerland, 1470-1600 - The J. Paul Getty Museum
27 March - 17 June 2012 Los Angeles, California. United States of America
Organizers: The J. Paul Getty Museum
Contact: gettymuseum@getty.edu
+ info: http://www.getty.edu/art/exhibitions/german_renaissance/

Exhibition - The Falklands War - Imperial War Museums
28 March 2012 - 31 July 2014 Londres. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Organizers: Imperial War Museums
Contact: mail@iwm.org.uk
+ info: http://www.iwm.org.uk/exhibitions/the-falklands-1982

Exhibition - Brains: The mind as matter -- Wellcome Collection
29 March - 17 June 2012 Londres. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Organizers: Wellcome Collection
Contact: info@wellcomecollection.org
+ info: http://www.wellcomecollection.org/whats-on/exhibitions/brains.aspx

Exhibition - Saint Anne, Leonardo da Vinci’s ultimate masterpiece - Musée du Louvre
29 March - 25 June 2012 Paris. France
Organizers: Musée du Louvre
Contact: info@louvre.fr
+ info: http://www.louvre.fr/expositions/lultime-chef-doeuvre-de-leonard-de-vinci-la-sainte-anne

Exhibition - Paradises and Landscapes in the Carmen Thyssen Collection. From Brueghel to Gauguin - Museo Carmen Thyssen
31 March - 07 October 2012 Málaga, Andalucia. Spain
Organizers: Museo Carmen Thyssen
+ info: http://www.carmenthyssenmalaga.org/exposiciones/2012/paraisos_paisajes/

Exhibition - Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition - Henry Ford Museum
31 March - 30 September 2012 Dearborn, Michigan. United States of America
Organizers: Henry Ford Museum
+ info: http://www.titanicdetroit.com/

Exhibition - Dürer and Beyond: Central European Drawings in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1400-1700 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
03 April - 03 September 2012 New York City, New York State. United States of America
Organizers: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Contact: communications@metmuseum.org
+ info: http://www.metmuseum.org/exhibitions/listings/2012/durer-and-beyond

Exhibition - Titian's First Masterpiece: The Flight into Egypt - The National Gallery of London
04 April - 19 August 2012 Londres. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Organizers: The National Gallery of London
Contact: information@ng-london.org.uk
+ info: http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/titians-first-masterpiece-the-flight-into-egypt

Exhibition - Un exceptionnel ensemble d'orfèvrerie Renaissance découvert en Lorraine - Musée de la Renaissance
04 April - 02 July 2012 Château d'Ecouen. France
Organizers: Musée National de la Renaissance
Contact: accueil.musee-renaissance@culture.gouv.fr
+ info: http://www.musee-renaissance.fr/homes/home_id20790_u1l2.htm

Exhibition - In the Still Epiphany - The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
05 April - 27 October 2012 St. Louis, Missouri. United States of America
Organizers: The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
Contact: lharperchang@pulitzerarts.org
+ info: http://www.pulitzerarts.org/resources/press/exhibition/gedisibony/next-exhibition-still-ephiphany/

Exhibition - Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano (1459-1517), Maître de la Renaissance vénitienne
05 April - 15 July 2012 Paris. France
Organizers: Palais du Luxembourg
+ info: http://www.museeduluxembourg.fr/fr/expositions/p_exposition-10/

Exposition - The Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry - Le Louvre
05 April - 25 June 2012 Paris. France
Organizers: Le Louvre
Contact: info@louvre.fr
+ info: http://www.louvre.fr/expositions/les-belles-heures-du-duc-de-berry

Agenda - Exhibition - What is a Photograph? - New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)
20 April - 19 August 2012 New Orleans, Louisiana. United States of America
Organizers: New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA)
Contact: membership@noma.org
+ info: http://noma.org/exhibitions/detail/51/What-is-a-Photograph

I Congreso REMAI (Red Europea de Museos de Arte Islamico)
25 April - 27 April 2012 Granada. Spain
Organizers: El Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife, en colaboración con el Museo del Louvre y el Victoria and Albert Museum
Contact: aux.remai.pag@juntadeandalucia.es
+ info: http://www.alhambra-patronato.es/blog/index.php/la-alhambra-sede-del-i-congreso-internacional-de-la-red-europea-de-arte-islamico/

Peacetime loan of former war booty: Maritime masterpiece temporarily returned to England after 350 years by the Rijksmuseum (The Netherlands)
27 April 2012 London. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Organizers: National Maritime Museum
+ info: http://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nieuwsenagenda/royal-charles-terug-naar-engeland?lang=en

Tuscany Civil Service Project : "Museum Angels"
Deadline for Applications: 27 April 2012. Italy
Organizers: La Fondazione Musei Senesi
Contact: cammelli@museisenesi.org, amministrazione@museisenesi.org
DEADLINE: 27 abr 2012
+ info: http://www.museisenesi.org/articoli/servizio-civile-regionale-2012-aperte-le-selezioni

Conference - Copying, Replicating & Emulating Paintings in the 15th-18th Century
21 May - 22 May 2012 Copenhagen. Denmark
Organizers: Statens Museum for Kunst. National Gallery of Denmark
Contact: smk@smk.dk
DEADLINE: 1 may 2012
+ info: http://www.smk.dk/cats-conference

Colloque international sur " L'invention de la « RACE » Université de Lausanne, Suisse
24 May - 25 May 2012 Lausanne. Switzerland
Organizers: Institut des sciences du sport, Faculté des Sciences Sociales et Politiques de l'Université de Lausanne
Contact: Nicolas Bancel - nicolas.bancel@unil.ch
+ info: http://www.unil.ch/webdav/site/issul/shared/Programme_scientifique.pdf

Exploring Australia's indigenous watercraft conference
30 May - 01 June 2012 Sydney, New South Wales. Australia
Organizers: Australian National Maritime Museum
Contact: info@anmm.gov.au
+ info: http://www.anmm.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=1921

Veterans Heritage Workshops on conservation and cataloguing
30 May 2012 Melbourne, Victoria. Australia
Organizers: State Government of Victoria
Contact: Marina Larsson - marina.larsson@dpcd.vic.gov.au
DEADLINE: 21 may 2012
+ info: http://www.dpcd.vic.gov.au/veterans/news-and-events/news/veterans-heritage-workshops

Exhibition - Fit Bodies: Athletes and Power - Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology - University College London (UCL)
01 June - 15 September 2012 Londres. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Organizers: Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and University College London (UCL)
Contact: servicedesk@ucl.ac.uk
+ info: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/museums/petrie

Communicating The Museum 2012
27 June - 29 June 2012 New York City, New York State. United States of America
Organizers: Communicating the Museum Platform
Contact: info@agendacom.com
+ info: http://agendacom.com/en/communicating_the_museum/ctm_home/

Exhibition - Now Boarding - Fentress Airports and The Architecture of Flight - Denver Art Museum
15 July - 07 October 2012 Denver, Colorado. United States of America
Organizers: Denver Art Museum
+ info: http://www.denverartmuseum.org/exhibitions/now-boarding

The Inclusive Museum 2012 Conference
02 August - 05 August 2012 Cave Hill. Barbados
Organizers: University of the West Indies
Contact: support@onmuseums.com
+ info: http://onmuseums.com/conference-2012/

Appel à contribution - Journées d'études de l'Association des Conservateurs des Antiquités et Objets d'Art de France-Regards sur les tableaux religieux XVIIème au XIXème siècle
27 September - 29 September 2012 Caen, calvados. France
Organizers: l’Association des Conservateurs des Antiquités et Objets d’Art de France
Contact: aude.maisonneuve@calvados.fr
DEADLINE: 27 abr 2012
+ info: http://www.inventaire.culture.gouv.fr/pdf_actu/Caen_appel_contributions.pdf

Exhibition - Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World's Fairs, 1851-1939 - Carnegie Museum of Art
13 October 2012 - 24 February 2013 Pittsbugh, Pennsylvania. United States of America
Organizers: Jason T. Busch, curatorial chair for collections and Alan G. and Jane A. Lehman Curator of Decorative Arts and Design, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, and Catherine L. Futter, Helen Jane and R. Hugh “Pat” Uhlmann Curator of Decorative Arts, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City
+ info: http://web.cmoa.org/?page_id=4275

Call for papers - VIII Congreso "El futuro de proyectos patrimoniales y museologicos: innovaciones en tiempos de crisis"
18 October - 19 October 2012 Donostia-San Sebastián. Spain
Organizers: Universidad del País Vasco, Museo Romano OIASSO, Laboratoire d'histoire et de patrimoine de Montréal UQAM et l'Université Lumière Lyon 2
Contact: actividades.oiasso@irun.org
DEADLINE: 31 may 2012
+ info: http://www.irun.org/oiasso/home.aspx

Annual Meeting of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) & Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA)
20 October - 25 October 2012 Yerevan. Armenia
Organizers: ICOM National Committee of Armenia
Contact: ceca12@icom-armenia.org, icomarmenia@yahoo.com
+ info: ceca12.icom-armenia.org/


Journal of the Inclusive Museum
ISSN: 1835-2014
Editors: Amareswar Galla, International Institute for the Inclusive Museum & Bill Cope, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA.

The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum addresses the key question: In this time of fundamental social change, what is the role of the museum, both as a creature of that change, and perhaps also as an agent of change? The journal brings together academics, curators, museum and public administrators, cultural policy makers and research students to engage in discussions about the historic character and future shape of the museum. The key question of the Journal is: How can the institution of the museum become more inclusive?
The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum is peer-reviewed, supported by rigorous processes of criterion-referenced article ranking and qualitative commentary, ensuring that only intellectual work of the greatest substance and highest significance is published.
+ info: http://onmuseums.com/journal/

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: The Making of a National Museum for Communities
Author: Nguyen Van Huy
ISBN: 978-1863357272
Publisher: Common Ground Publishing (December 2010)

For more than a decade (1995-2006), the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has undertaken many journeys: journeys to bring relevant ethnographic objects to the museum; journeys to reach the opening of the museum's permanent exhibition in its new structure-itself shaped like a traditional bronze drum-journeys to prepare temporary exhibitions; journeys to seek out and erect houses of different ethnic groups in the museum's outdoor exhibition; journeys to learn about and present craft demonstrations and performances; journeys to implement educational programs for children; and journeys to introduce multimedia into museum activities. Each journey-creative and educational-has provided opportunities for us to learn about how the people in our country have adapted to changing conditions…
+ info: http://onmuseums.com/books/bookstore/

Intervención num. 3 (Enero - Junio 2011) Escuela Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museografía de México
Editor: Instituto Nacional de Arqueología e Historia
Año: 2011

El consejo editorial de ‘Intervención’ cuenta hoy con nuevos miembros y una política de trabajo plenamente integrada a la estructura de publicaciones del INAH. Agradecemos a todos los que colaboran en este empeño, en espera de que los resultados manifiesten la optimización a la que estamos cabalmente comprometidos. Creemos que este sentido de renovación seguirá haciendo que la revista sea transcendente y necesaria en la actualidad. Si bien la aproximación al patrimonio cultural ha cambiado mucho desde aquella narración de ‘Nabonidus’, en el siglo V, esa profundidad histórica en continua reformulación yace aún en la lógica de trabajo colectivo que busca, en el presente, la permanencia. Ésa es la esencia y razón de ser de esta publicación.
+ info: http://www.bibliotecavirtual.inah.gob.mx/images/abook_file/intervencion3.pdf


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